General Assembly

GA 3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) (Bilingual)

  • Promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns for the recovery period after the global pandemic
  • Protection of cultural heritage sites amidst conflict zones

GA 4 (Special, Political and Decolonization) (French)

  • The exploitation of natural resources in conflict zones
  • The effects of the Jammu-Kashmir territorial dispute on the local population

Special Committees

Security Council (SC)(Bilingual, Half English Half French Binomial):

  • Protection of civilians during COVID-19 in conflict zones.
  • Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: A Language Dispute
  • The Question of the Pacific Ocean (APQPO):
  1. Lessening the effects of the oil leak in the Solomon Islands and taking necessary precautions
  2. The impact of drift-net fishing on non-target species

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) (English): 

  • Achieving carbon neutrality, by 2030. (Finance issue) (SDG 13) 
  • Implementation of effective measures to remove any coercive damage to human rights, to end illegal trade, until 2030 (SDG 8)

Chair Presentations

GA 3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

GA 4 (Special, Political and Decolonization)

Security Council (SC)

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)