Environment Committee – English

  1. Reviewing article 5 concerning nuclear energy contamination
  2. Protecting animal species and their natural habitats in Antarctica

Environment Committee – French

  1. Measures to combat global warming in Antarctica
  2. Regulating the environmental impacts of tourism

UNESCO – Bilingual

  1. Reviewing articles 2 and 7 concerning the permit requirements for countries to establish research centers in Antarctica
  2. Reviewing articles 3 and 8 concerning the availability of researches conducted by each country in Antarctica

Political – Bilingual

  1. Reviewing article 7 concerning the use of space above Antarctica
  2. Reviewing article 11 concerning non-signatory UN members

Security Council – Bilingual

  1. Territorial Issue
  2. Actions to be taken in case of violation of the treaty

DISEC – Bilingual

  1. Regulating the naval forces in atlantic territory
  2. Expanding article 5 by including new technology weapons ( biological and chemical weapons)